イノフェス 2021 新しい学校のリーダーズ 演出 [VJ/AR]

- J-WAVE INNOVATION WORLD FESTA 2021 新しい学校のリーダーズ feat.筑波大学 Nu ink. VJ/AR演出. (2021年10月10日, 東京都六本木ヒルズアリーナ)

- ATARASHII GAKKO! 新しい学校のリーダーズ Pineapple Kryptonite ライブ用映像提供

photos by アンザイミキ

Vexations Vol​.​15 [Music]

Erik Satieによる「VEXATIONS」は54拍のフレーズを840回繰り返す曲です。このプロジェクトでは、21人のアーティストが40回ずつ、それぞれの視点から再構築します。徐々に厚みが増されつつ、繰り返されるフレーズの中で、元のフレーズに対する意識の変化を考える実験的な取り組みです。

flight play [Audio Visual]


Direction, Audio: Yusuke Koroyasu

Visual: Taichi Uchida

Technical Advice, Equipment provision: Kosaku Namikawa

Project Lazarus image movie [CM]

液体燃料ロケットで高度100kmを目指す学生プロジェクト「Project Lazarus」のイメージ動画

Direction, Musicを担当

CG: Yuta Okuyama

Edit: Takumi Yokoyama

Modeling: Yuga Tsukuda

invisible [music]

Audio Visual Set by TParty @TEDxUTsukuba [Audio Visual]

Audio: Yusuke Koroyasu

Visual: Kosaku Namikawa

踏みしめれば [SoundScape]


本作品は「歩く」音のサウンドスケープで普段注意を向けない大地を踏みしめる音や周囲の音を聴き、「歩く」ことを捉え直す。(撮影協力: 百田涼佑)

サイケデリックエクソシズム [Movie]

The Illusion of Spring [VJ]

At the time of making "The Illusion of Spring", spring was coming to our country, Japan. In spring, the snow melts and life begins to sprout. The city is filled with people and activity. But due to the effects of Covid-19, we are forced to stay at home. Instead of feeling the annual Spring moment, we recall the scenes of spring that has lost, through the performance. In this 5 min. work, audiovisual scenes change according to 3 themes as below;

1. Immersion into the illusion of spring

2. Oblivion of a spring scene

3. Return to reality

Wataru Iwata (Piano and electroacoustic)

Hiroshi Nakamura (Sax and electroactoustic)

Yusuke Koroyasu (VJ / TParty)

Taichi Uchida (VJ / TParty)

The project has begun 2020 as an online Audiovisual Electroacoustic Live Session which the players from Pulse Convention and VJs from TParty remotely played together under the Covid-19 pandemic situation. This is the stuffed work of the project for an exhibition.

Online Electroacoustic Live 「Unperpendiculaire mesdemoiselle / 非垂直女子」(VJ出演)

Electroacoustic Live:

Hiroshi Nakamura (Saxophone and Electronics)

Wataru Iwata (Piano and Electronics)


koroyu (TParty), Taichi Uchida

LiveStreaming :

Kosaku Namikawa (TParty)

3D Modeling :

Yuga Tsukuda (TParty)

Designed by Akira@n-dim